Birmingham Community Gospel Choir Enters Gospel Choir Of The Year!

August 30, 2015

Getting chosen for the competition was amazing. We arrived off the coach buzzing with excitement and were expectant as to how it would all go. We saw some of the choirs arriving and anticipated that it would be a stiff competition! We began our rehearsals as scheduled in an allocated room, but found a quiet place in a closed office forecourt area where we could also rehearse, but passers by stopped in their cars to listen! Amazing.

There were 27 choir members on board and I cannot say how proud they made me feel as I literally rehearsed them to exhaustion until our first performance! Are you sure you want to be in my choir? Of course you do! LOL It paid off! The choir did very well for the semi final heat. I am confident that we stand a very good chance of winning. We’ve done our best. Let God do the rest.